My Venturi


I am not a music expert. I do not know how to play any musical instrument and for the life of me, I could not even carry a tune. But I can say that I have a pretty solid background when it comes to music education. Looking back now, I really appreciate all those classes that we had with Mrs. Lim. She was an elderly woman who taught me everything I know now about music. She taught us the basics about music – the musical terms and musical notes. She would play songs from different era using the school’s radio or she would gently hit the keys of the keyboard and hum along as she played the classic songs that she already knew by heart.

I am grateful to my music teacher for teaching me about the different musical instruments. How many musical instruments do you know? How well do you know your musical instruments? Nowadays, kids are only familiar with the drums and guitar. They get amazed by the sound of a harmonica, maracas, and a ukulele. When you ask them about other musical instruments, they are at a loss. Much more when you ask them about the different kinds of musical instruments. Well, at least I can say that there are 5 types of musical instruments – brass, woodwind, percussion, keyboards, and string. Aside from drums and guitar, I know of 10 other musical instruments or more. These are the trombone, trumpet, saxophone, cello, violin, accordion, clarinet, cajon, mandolin, and harp. Of course, I know that there are a whole lot of other musical instruments out there.

I used my knowledge of musical instruments to show that I had a solid background of music because of the education I received way back when I was in grade school. When you have the basic knowledge about music, it helps you understand and appreciate music better even if you are not a music expert.

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