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Learning about the musical instruments is a very good foundation in music. Before learning to play a particular musical instrument, it is best to know more about that particular instrument and the other instruments as well. Maybe there are other instruments that will catch your interest and would make you want to pursue learning to play that musical instrument. So for now, we will be sharing with you the different classifications of musical instruments and their examples.

A musical instrument is an object that produces a pleasing sound. Musical instruments are typically classified according to the material from which they are made of and how they are played. The five main types of musical instruments are woodwind, brass, percussion, string, and keyboard.

Percussion instruments are objects that produce sound when you strike them. Examples are drums, cymbals, xylophones, tambourines, and wood blocks. String instruments have strings and when you move their strings, the vibrations create a beautiful sound. Examples are guitars, violins, and harps. Woodwind instruments are those that produce sound by causing air to vibrate in a pipe. The vibrating air is released outside through the hole or holes in the instrument and they produce a certain pitch. Examples are flute and piccolo. Brass instruments produce sound through a sympathetic vibration of air made possible by the vibration caused by the player’s lips. The horn and trumpet are brass instruments. Lastly, the keyboard is a musical instrument that has a row of levers that produce a melodic sound when you press each lever using your fingers. Examples are the piano and organ.

The percussion, string, woodwind, brass, and keyboard musical instruments are the typical classifications used when grouping instruments together. But there are also other classifications used by musical experts. That would be an interesting topic to cover next time.

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