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Music for all age


We all love music. Music is a universal language. It speaks to us and reaches our very core in a way that no other language can. That is why, here in Venturi, we celebrate music. We give tribute to the composers – of yesteryears and today who have shared with us their passion for music. We give tribute to artists of every generation who have given it their all in interpreting the songs and bringing them to life. We give tribute to record companies who have supported the music industry through all these years. We give tribute to each and every one who has made an indelible mark in the music industry. We celebrate their works, we celebrate their life.

Music comes in different genres – rock, rhythm and blues, jazz, pop, soul, hip hop, reggae, classical, electronic dance, folk music, country music, punk rock, heavy metal, grunge, trance, techno, disco, funk, alternative rock, gospel, ambient, electro, instrumental, industrial, breakbeat, drum and bass, psychedelic, dub, progressive, hard rock, ska, hardcore punk, swing, electronica, bluegrass, and experimental music. For sure, there is a whole lot more of music genre out there as music is constantly evolving – keeping up with the times and at the same time, holding on to the old. All along, there is a longing to express one’s self, one’s creativity, one’s passion.

Music for all age

Consider Venturi your music library. Nope, we are not here just to provide you with your music playlist, there are other sites for that. We are here to talk about music to its very core. We provide our readers with comprehensive information on topics concerning music. It is time we talk about the history of music, musical instruments, composers, and many more important matters concerning music so that people will not forget about them. We will talk about the artists, their albums, and their inspirations. Of course, we will talk about what is happening in the music industry today – both in the mainstream and underground. If there is anything you want to know about music, we hope to be able to provide you the answers for that.

Music is simple and complex. Music is a part of our culture and a part of us. Music completes our collective thought, collective expression, and collective identity. Music defines a certain period or generation. Music brings people together yet it is also alright to enjoy the music by yourself. It does not take away the beauty and magic of music whether you listen to it by yourself inside your garage door in Santa Fe or you bang your head with the rest of the crowd in a sold out rock concert in a big arena in some big city.

So, what are we trying to say? We want you to continue loving music but we also want to talk to you about music. Venturi lives and breathes music. We have got music tattooed right on our very hearts and minds. Music has given us life and it is time that we give back to the community what we have learned so far. At Venturi, we rock and we talk.

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