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As a kid, my music teachers had always been elderly. It got me wondering why. Why didn’t younger teachers want to teach music? Is music education not suited for the younger generation? Although age is not really a qualification for this job post, it just got me curious. For sure, the experience is on the side of older teachers. But it also got me thinking if the passion and interest have been lost in the young? If so, how can we instill the love for learning music among the younger generation?

A private school is asking our help to assist them in finding a competent music teacher who would be more than willing to teach elementary students all about the essentials of music – what we call general music knowledge which would give our students a good foundation for whatever path in music they wish to pursue.

The teacher that we are looking for must be comfortable in teaching a large group of students inside a classroom or in a school setting. He or she will provide music lessons to children ages 8 to 10. As such, this teacher is expected to have in-depth musical knowledge which he or she would enthusiastically share with the rest of the class. He or she must have the patience to teach children of different abilities, even some who do not express interest in the subject at all. This teacher must be flexible. Good communication skills and good teaching skills are a must for this position. The music teacher that we are looking for must also possess good organizational skills as he or she is expected to handle administrative matters aside from teaching classes. But most of all, this music teacher should have great motivational skills to be able to encourage the students to develop an active interest in music and its branches.

For those who are interested and who fit the qualifications given above, kindly send us an email at

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